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1964 233 proto sportsman with original twin iq120 volvo,s and rare port side steering

I have a great built 64 prototype said to have been owned by the great Jim Wynne himself she is solid as they come needs top cap respray and some routine maintenance but the canvas is new and its sitting on a nice aluminum ibeam trailer with new tires and bearings call me if your looking for a well built 233 thanks

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I saw your posting and checked your profile out.  I have a 1965 with the port side helm as well.  As for horse power currently  have twin 120 mercruisers and was wondering what yours looked like.  Not to many out there and wanted to compare a little.

Also have a 64, port side helm. Has newer Gen 2 3.0 Mercruisers.

Have cockpit sole out , was bad in aft corners, otherwise in great shape. Will raise to self bail . 

Fuel cell also out, was fiberglass will be aluminum as far fwd as possible. With increased deck height can gain some forward movement with same capacity. 

On hold till spring epoxy weather. 

Art Krause




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