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I have repowered my '73 233F from twin 120's on a bracket to twin 250 Etecs.  I am trying to decide which way to go on props.  I know the 233 hull has a lot of rocker in it, but I don't know what props respond well to the rocker.

Has anyone tested either or both of these props w/ their 233?  It doesn't have to be the same hp - just trying to get an idea how they both carry the hull. 

My understanding is the Rev4 has a little more stern lift (which tends to raise the entire hull) & the Bravo has a little less which keeps the bow up a bit more.  These are generalizations though, and each hull is different - would be great to have some 1t hand experience.


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That's about where mine have been - a little higher now w/ the 4 blades. 




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