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just purchased a 1968 233 with the original tr2 outdrive. outdrive appears to be in good shape. does anyone have any info good or bad on this unit?



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the t2r is bullet proof,the merc transmission in front of it will be the problem,[carnt get parts for them ]the later had borg warner transmissions]which you can still get parts for .the leg is as good as they get.
thanks for the reply david. since my post i have found that my drive is good but the transom mount is trash. thinking about keeping it, all other alternatives are equally as price staggering. the hull is in too good of shape to give up on. will post some pictures soon.
by the way i am fairly informed about the 233 and its history just dont know how edencraft joined the mix. when i bought my boat i was looking for a albie but fell in love with the challenge in front of me and the history of the boat. your pics are really something! have been around custom boat builders all my life. any thing you have to offer will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! thanks again.
the australian connection to the 233 as far as i know started in the early 70's when john haines of haines hunter boats bought one over from the usa ,he used it for offshore racing over here,he eventually broke the hull in the pacific 1000 a race from cairns to brisbane about 500 nm.he repaired the hull and made a mould off it and started making them called the haines hunter v233,they were very popular,the original early 70's models had twin 165 mercruisers in them and later single v8 with 2tr legs and the last versions twin outboards late 70, 1980 haines hunter boats was bought out by a consortium and john haines moved on to start haines signature boats,haines hunter went dowwn hill very quickly and changed ownership a couple of times,one owner facing bankrupcy decided to sell some of the moulds off ,a haines hunter dealer in eden nsw[ron doyle] i think was his name bought the 233,2400cat,v19 moulds which were the most popular boats used by the commercial abalone divers in eden and malacoota,so edencraft was born in the mid 80's mainly producing boats for the commercial market,all boats were built double lay up etc.edencraft have changed hands 5 times since then,still built the same way and mainly for the commercial market,they recently made a new 233 mould as the original was very tired after 30 years of service,still the original design untouched.alan ball [member on here ]is the new owner of edencraft,and seem to be doing a great job with them in a very difficult economic time.
honestly if i were you and looking to restore your 233 id seriously consider selling that old 2tr and bits and get a bravo drive,they are bullet proof as well but save you having to need a seperate transmission,so saving weight and space,ive herd of a 233 that had a 502 bravo package fitted and it did 55knts,of cause it all gets down to dollars as usual.
thanks again for taking the time david. will let you know what i decide to do. that is great information. congradulations on your boat. that is what it is all about. think it is cool that truly good hull designs never die. my love is fishing but i have been consumed with this boat. hopefully she will be fishing soon.
im the same as you ,fishing is my passion,my boat is coming along slowly,as money allows,just doing everything right the first time ,and making everything overkill as well.i plan to do lots of hours in it.cheers dave




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