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just purchased a 1968 233 with the original tr2 outdrive. outdrive appears to be in good shape. does anyone have any info good or bad on this unit?



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thanks for the reply david. since my post i have found that my drive is good but the transom mount is trash. thinking about keeping it, all other alternatives are equally as price staggering. the hull is in too good of shape to give up on. will post some pictures soon.
by the way i am fairly informed about the 233 and its history just dont know how edencraft joined the mix. when i bought my boat i was looking for a albie but fell in love with the challenge in front of me and the history of the boat. your pics are really something! have been around custom boat builders all my life. any thing you have to offer will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! thanks again.
thanks again for taking the time david. will let you know what i decide to do. that is great information. congradulations on your boat. that is what it is all about. think it is cool that truly good hull designs never die. my love is fishing but i have been consumed with this boat. hopefully she will be fishing soon.




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