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I am excited to get the boat in the water this weekend after a couple of failed trial runs. Plugged up carburetors.  Since it has been so long since the boat was in the water ( Not exactly sure how long it been maybe 5-8 years) I have gone though all the electrical and mechanical systems and it all seems good.  Sent the two carburetors out to get a rebuild and the mechanic was amazed that I could even get the motors to start.  Finished installing them tonight. 

Since I have no real experience with the 233 was wondering if you guys had some tips for me.  I did read that it like to ride high in the water trimed up a little.  I am an experienced captain and just itching to get out on Lake Superior and see what this boat can do.    Will post some pictures this weekend.

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Hi tim,

           must be tough waiting all winter to use your boat?


In refrence to your question i think the boats ride the way they do not cause your triming them up but just by design default. i think you will find the sweet spot quite fast if you give her a good old run and play with the trim. if you can get some pictures from the bank at diffrent trim levels and you should be able to see if it looks bad or not

Not because of winter that this boat has been hidding. I just purchased it from a widow of the guy that had it. He had not used it for maybe 5-8 years but she was not positive on that. It sat in a pole barn most of its life. I am the third owner. Previous owner has owned it since 1978. Before that it was in ?? She couldn't remember. So I am reviving the beauty and rigging it for fishing the great lakes.

dont the great lakes freeze over during winter excuse my ignorance if im wrong ;)

The 233 is all winterized and put into storage now.  I must say I do love the boat.  However we had quite a summer.  After taking care of the little things coroded terminals and getting the twin 120 mercruisers running quite nice the summer boating season came to a halt.  Heading back on Lake Superior about 12 miles still from shore the dreaded o that sounds different.  Watching rpm, oil pressure, and temp gauges I noticed a loss of power in the starboard engine.  Ran for a few more min and noticed increasing loss of power and oil pressure. So decided to shut it down and make it back on the port engine.  Opened up the engine cover and oil every where.  Blew out the valve cover gasket after inspection.  However not the big problem.  In the short version.  Blew a hole right through the number 2 piston head.  Pulled it out and had to rebuild the engine.  After all the work did manage to get out 6 or so time after.

Now I am perplexed.  With the age of these motors do I just deal with it or pull them out patch up the transom and mount a bracket.  $$$$ I know but I do plan to hold on to this boat for a while.  My thought was to order a bracket that I could mount a single 250-275 opti and also a mount for a four stoke kicker.   With the long winter I have plenty of time to kick around ideas.  Any input would be appreciated.

I just removed my IO and installed a 250 Yamaha 4 stroke on a A&E Welding bracket. I couldn't be happier with the performance with this setup. Check out their website. The quality is as good as Armstrong brackets for a lot less money.

I have pictures posted on this site for reference. 




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