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    I have a Brand new,never used Stainless Marine twin engine bracket that i want to sale.It is the 30" setback with full swim platforms.It is probably 5 yrs old and has been stored under an open shed sitting on 4 x 4's.So i guess its not exactly brand new,but it looks like it. It was made especially for the 233 where the transom notch(?) fits in the middle and the platforms come back in to the outer portions of the transom.Its seems to be a heavy duty bracket.And it is a flotation bracket also.It comes with the mounting diagram,which is a transparent plasic piece showing exactly where all the bolt holes should be drilled.Stainless wants $3500 for this,Il'lltake half $1750 plus you pay the shipping,just as you would from stainless.I emailed stainless and was told it weighs around 300 lbs on the pallet,and thats with the mounting hardware.The hardware will come with it too,but the deck plates and rigging hoses have already been used for other projects.If anybody is interested,we can try to come up with a shipping quote.My area code is 36542.And it could be picked up if your in the area.

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If anyone is interested,make me an offer.

its a shame your not in australia :(

Just saw your bracket for sale.  What year does this fit up to?  Are all the angles of the 233 transom the same?  I only ask because I have a 65 and just want to make sure it fits.  I am in the market for just the bracket you have for sale. 

Hello, im not positive about the transom angle.I have a 1973 that has the small,single engine,bracket with no swim platforms.I was looking for a trailer and found a 1969 233 ,for sale,sitting on a brand new aluminum trailer at a fiberglass boat shop.This bracket was sitting in the boat on a pallet.Both mine and the 69 looked the same,but that doesn't mean it is.I bet somebody on this site will know,or maybe Stainless Marine would know?

Tim, i posted the transom angle question on the site.Hoping someone will know the answer.

Russell ,  Been trying to get a hold of you.  Still have it for sale? I am still intrested in picking it up.  Just wanted to work out the details.

i am trying to get a freight quote.My brother works at a plant that ships alot of things.He was out of town last week.Im going to give him the dimensions and weight to try to get a,close ballpark, shipping cost tomorrow.I can take it there in my truck and we can pallet,wrap or box if possible.That will save some on the shippping cost since its there at aloading dock.You were not saying you wanted to pick it up "in person" were you?

Sold to fellow member Tim Rust.




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