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Does anyone know the dimensions for a transom bracket for a 233 to mount a single 225 or twin 150s?  Length behind transom to allow motor tilt, height of top of motor mount surface above bottom of keel (I know this depends on shaft length), width of engine mounting surface for single or twins, etc.  I'm thinking of building a fiberglass bracket for twins so I could either mount a single or twins, depending on which I find the best deal on, either used or new.




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Hello Mosby,

I am at the same point in my renovation/restoration and have been contemplating a bracket for twins that will put the transom approximately 30"- 36" further back from the "Factory" transom.  I am also considering a bracket that starts one inch above the hull bottom and increases in height approximately 1" up for every 12" of setback.  I am hoping to build in quite a bit of floatation to aid in supporting dual four-stroke outboards.  So, as far as the final dimension of the bracket, I don't quite have those dimensions figured out.  I am still in the "Measuring" stage of this bracket build.....  If you (Or any other board members), have any additional information you would like to share, I would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas that you have.  Thank you in advance!



I'm back to my outboard bracket project.  I've convinced myself this is the way I want to go.  I haven't picked up much more information yet but am back in the research process.  I'm thinking seriously about building a fiberglass bracket and extending two stringers into the original I/O motor area and butting them up against the bulkhead which heads off the fuel tank.  This would be super strong compared to the bolt-on brackets.  I also want to incorporate a platform.  I've looked at and their brackets look fantastic.  They make bolt-on molded fiberglass brackets.  The ones on the back of the Sea Crafts look great and that's exactly the look I want.

I'll post updates as I move along.


Well I finally did it... Hung a Suzuki 300 on the back with an Armstrong bracket.  I completed the project this past spring and I couldn't be happier with the results.  The boat performs remarkably well.


looks Amazing! what performance are you getting? Im looking to go the same direction.

Performance is absolutely incredible.  Way outperforms the original 233 Mercruiser stern drive.  Top speed is low 50s with light weight in smooth water.  I highly recommend the Armstrong bracket.  They've done several of these boats.

Looks great Mosby ! I spoke to you about this setup years ago... great to hear your happy. Your boat looks like it came out of the factory that way. I converted mine to a bracket in 1989 and never regretted it also with amazing results. I know you have had your boat a long time and can appreciate what I did to our Formula. I recently completed a TOTAL rebuild of our boat and transformed it into a center console. I found an original 233 CC top cap from a project boat and swapped it onto my boat. Even though the rebuilding of entire boat was a ton of work  I could not be happier with it. There is a write up on Formulas archive web page . 

Rick, Where would I find the write up on your boat?  I'd like to read it.

Thanks, Mosby




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