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Good day everyone! I have recently purchased my FIRST very own Formula 233 (i grew up on my fathers 3 other 233's) and i am very excited about bringing it back to life... but i have run into a little problem, i have no idea what kind of outdrive i am dealing with (i have never seen this kind before) and i cant seem to find a way of identifying it... its married to a 5.2L/318 Chrysler V8...

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Welcome to the Formula233 registry and congratulations on your Formula 233 purchase. I have read some information about these out drives. They were branded under the Chrysler 300 outdrive and were similar to volvo penta outdrives. I have located a website that might be able to help you with parts. Contact and see id they can be of service. I am not affiliated with the company just found in my search. I understand a conversion to a volvo outdrive would not be a problem if serviceability and/or reliability become an issue. Good luck and happy boating! 

Thank u very much for the info!

How a coming along with your restoration? Do you have any additional photos of your project?

Good luck and hopefully you will have it in the water Spring 2017

Well i have extremely busy with work havent had time to do anything to it but im getting on it next week... ill post up pics as i go... i hope to have it in the water asap!

Good luck!




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