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Does anyone know the weight of the engine cover/box?  Planning on installing gas springs to assist me lifting.


Buzzard's Bay Bill

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Hello Bill - I rebuilt mine but never weighed it. If I had to make an educated guess it would be the same as a sheet of 1/2” plywood. That’s assuming it’s a single engine. 

Just and FYI for everyone/anyone.  I asked about engine cover weight.  The engine covers weighs over eighty (80) pounds. 

I installed the gas shock/ lifter.  a 90 pound lifter will give just good enough assist in lifting and stop the slam closing.  I have a second 90 pound lifter and I might add it too. 

A note:  I have a split hinge to allow EB removal.  Will not work with lifter.   Gas lift pushes cover right off hinge.  I went to closed hinge perfect. 

Then I nicked d a rock with my prop and lost the day replacing that. 

Back to perfect now!  

Boy does that old hull ride well.  in Buzzards Bay       

80 pounds! That’s more than I would expect. But, a sheet of fir plywood can weigh 70 pounds if it’s 3/4”. Add upholstery, etc., and depending on the size, I guess I could see that. Too bad about the knicker prop. As for the ride, when the chop gets snotty, throttle up! 




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