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im looking to buy a 24.2 ft formula sport fish 1984 to 1986...any one know of any for sale?

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I suppose you are going to be difficult and want one in Australia.
hi david ..thanks for the reply
i would be looking for one in america and ship it back.... i know this is a site for 233 formula...but this hull looks to be slightly different in shape.. or can we source the mold for this... beside ebay.... are there sites i can look ...

Yes, there are a few., Craigslist and iboat come to mind. I know of a 242 cuddy that is for sale. Not sure I've seen a sportfisherman other than ones that have been converted. I found this one on
hi ... thanks dave for the sites you have listed ...this looks like the luxury sports model...i will send you a link to show you the sports fisherman
You are welcome. I've not seen one of these locally but I'll keep an eye out for one.
hi david...i have found a formula 242 sportfish in top condidtion... i should have it back in australia in 10 weeks.. cost 20,000 to ship it here...hope its worth it..
will keep an eye on for you ,you can check these out,
good luck willyam




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