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Hello guys , I am repowering a 74  233 hard top with a 454/385 . I would like to raise the x dimension 2 1/2 inches any thoughts or experience ? Murray

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does anyone read the forums here ?

Not a lot of activity here (think you've figured that out.)  I've got a '79 233 Interceptor with a home-built 454 (prob around 500 hp) and old TRS drive.  Boat runs in the mid 60's.  Can't help with the X dimension (mine's where Formula built it- I'm sure TRS would be different anyway.)  You ARE gonna ditch that pre-alpha drive, right?  Go to bravo?  You might have a better chance of getting an answer to your question by posing it on (I'd post the link but can't (too stupid!)

  Good Luck.

What top speed are you getting with 500 HP

Mid '60's (see previous post.)




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