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I saved this hull from the land fill. I had the intentions to do a full restoration/upgrade but I just can't swing the time demand at this point in my life. The hull is abandoned but can be issued an Ohio title if the proper paperwork is filed. (Which I have ready to go). With the age I am sure it needs transom and stringers.  If you are looking for a project or parts please come and get it. I will have to scrap it eventually if no one is interested. The alpha gimble is attached but engine drive and interior were missing when I got her. Hull appears to be solid as a rock no holes or gashes. 

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   Not interested in the hull, but would you be interested in selling the cabin windows?  I assume they measure 14.5X4.5" where they go thru the hull.  Might also want the flip-out wing windows if they're intact.  How much shipped to 21214?  I've got pretty much the same boat (mine's a '79 TRS big block boat I've owned for 20 years now.)  You can check out the pics on my page.

   Let me know, Rich.

Before I start to part it out. I would like to give someone a shot to take it complete. If it is destined for the landfill, I will surely take some restoration parts off before I crush it.

Understood- thanx for getting back to me.  Keep me posted.


Hello Wayne,

I am interested in the hull if you still have it?

Thanks Grant

PM Sent

Is this still for sale ?

Sorry, I had a local guy come get parts off of it and the hull was cut and scrapped. Hated to see it go, but I didn't have the time or space for it and it kept getting enormous bees nests inside the cabin, which I am highly allergic to.

Very sad !

Thanks for the reply .





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