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Sorry i posted in wrong section lol... im a fan of keeping things original like the factory designed it to be (if it aint broke dont fix it).. so im a lil skeptical about people repowering the 233 with outboards when it was designed to run with inboards... i would guess that repowering with outboards would change a few things cause it adds/shifts more weight to the stern of the boat, throws off the ride performance and handling of the boat... does it make a difference in these aspects? Plz comment, opinions

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Ok well ive done some thinking and im guna put a pair of 150hp evinrudes on it... what u guys think? Whats the estimate on speed?

Hi Mate the 233's heavy weight means that the movement in center of gravity means bugger all.

If you have a look at the new manufacturer edencraft its all Pods and outboards




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