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Hello all,

I have a 1976 233 center console with twin 165 IO's. After much thought and a lot of work on the old motors, I have decided to convert to a single outboard. I have seen this done a lot and have a few basic questions at this point.

What is the shaft length needed for this conversion? Also, what is the recommended HP? I will be ordering a bracket and need this info.

Thanks in advance!

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Mine run's twin OB's and they are both 25inch shafts (XL).



Dan I converted my 233 from twin I/O setup 24 years ago and have never regretted it. I also have a 25 inch shaft length and for power i think 250 hp is a good all around size. I would NOT go less than 250hp if you go with a 4 stroke outboard. You will love the extra room in the boat !

I think twins at 25" and single at 30" are the best bets w/ engine on a bracket.




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