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Hi All,

Genuine buyer seeking 1960’s 233s (long deck) for full restoration.

boat can be in any condition. Will also consider boats previously restored (in good condition)

if you, or someone you know has a 60’s 233s they would consider selling please put me in touch!


Will Manning

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I have on give me a call 410-404-3238 mac

Hi Mac! Thanks for your reply. Would you be able to send a few photos of your 233? 

My email address is

looking forward to seeing her!



I have a 1965 long deck that has been restored and converted to twin outboards on a stainless marine bracket. 

Thanks Tim! 
we have purchased a F233 and imported it to Australia and are doing the restoration currently.

i would love to see some pictures of your boat. Sounds great!

Hello William, congratulations on your purchase (give us some news about your project).

I'm also looking for a 233 with long bridge to import to France (Arcachon bay).
I mainly seek a boat to restore (project boat) but remain open to any proposal.
Thank you all, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas, we have a 60’s Fisherman undergoing hull restoration and a Sportsman on its way over from US. The project is to re-create a replica of Bob De Nisco’s original 233’ the Cigarette (though ours will have a modern engine & electrics). As for the short deck Fisherman, the current plan is to build an outboard powered centre console! 

William, Thanks for your reply.

I also rebuilt a 1980 short deck Thunderbird Formula 233. I use it as a daily cruiser with my family.

I've changed all the stringers, repainted the hull, cockpit and deck....I mount twin Mercruiser 3L TKS into (That's enough because Arcachon Bay is speed limited at 20ktn during the summer!)

But my dream is like yours : building an "evocation" of the mythical "The Cigarette".

In France, Formula 233 Sportsman (long deck) are very rare, the only boats for sale I saw are short deck...I' ve never seen a long deck here (since I started my research in 2013) for sale.

So, I'm a little bit desperate and now I plan to look in Florida (or East Coast), I know there are some "Frenchies" settled in which take care about the import.

Did you find yours easily?

Perhaps you have advice for me? Or contact to share for these research?

Thanks for your help, and hope to follow your rebuild project soon.


Hi Nicolas, we were thinking to extend the deck of a short deck 2 feet. It doesn’t seem too hard as so much needs to be done to most of the 60’s hulls anyway. Since the long deck was the original shape, the cockpit was lengthened for the short deck (fisherman) model. There is a diagonal line moulding in the side decks, this should match up to the aft-most point of the windscreen on a long deck. So this gives a guide as to what part of the side decks to remove. 
it does mean re-modelling the cabin and moving the cabin bulkhead too. 
I put this post up a few years ago and 2months ago James wrote back. My advice would be to put up a post saying you’re after a long deck and wait. Someone may respond as they did to ours!

we have replaced transom & stringers, ground back hull skin on the inside and overlaid 2 additional coats of glass to the short deck model. All structure has been done in thermo-lite so it can’t rot again. The deck structure (ply) is rotten so the deck will come off and be re-cored. Though we are now thinking this will be a centre console, so we will only re-use the side decks and centre deck will disappear.




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