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I purchased this boat in the early spring with the hopes of having it up and running by the summer.  I had it out once for about 20 minutes.  I just finished re-adjusting the gear shift cable for both engines and was about to start them in the driveway for a final check of timing and carb adjustment before finally putting it on the lift, unfinished but driveable and safe.

I pulled the dipstick to check oil level as I knew it was a little low in the starboard engine.   Oh boy, what luck, chocolate milk and about a quart more than I had before the 20 minutes spent on the water in the initial voyage.

I disassembled the engine carefully, hard to tell, but all the gaskets seem fine.  No visible issues with the manifold.  No evidence of water in the pistons.

The head is being pressure checked now, and magna-fluxed.

I'll pull the block in a couple days.   I have a line on a 140hp GM for a grand, but I'd like to know for sure what is up with mine before i commit to a mismatched engine.

So.... ideas, thoughts about mismatched twins, maybe you have parts and pieces for me laying around??

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This may be helpful if you haven't found the source of water in the oil. 

There are only two sources of water to get into the oil.  Oil cooler and the engine block.  Pressure check the oil cooler.

Then there is the possibility of a cracked in the water jacket.


I'm new to the forum. I am curious what you found.





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