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I have just bought a center console 233 and need to buy a trailer. What does the hull weigh without engines? Thanks

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What year?

I think that is WITH twins installed.  My guess is a 23 c/c hull is probably around 3300 lbs but not positive !

Referencing some old brochures I have... the 1982 Formula Brochure lists the 233 Sportsman (flush deck cuddy) with 260 Mercruiser at 4307 pounds and the Open Sportsman (Center Console) at 4195 pounds with a 228 Merc. A 1997 Mercruiser Sterndrive Brochure lists the 5.7 Litre (Chevy 350) with Alpha drive at 938 pounds. I also have some pages from the 1977 brochure. One shows a net weight of 3780 with twin 165's (doubtful) but also has conflicting info with a page showing 4550 pounds with twin 165's. I'm sure 4550 is more accurate. The aforementioned are dry weight. Based on this, Ed - your guess of 3,300 pounds for the hull is probably pretty close. However, the link to the 1976 brochure on a previous post from George Catege in 2010 shows the F-233C at 5,580 pounds... That's a significant difference. I know the older F-233's had more glasswork in the stringer systems, but 1,000 pounds worth?

  Lee some of that makes sense.  I have seen so many conflicting weight listings that it just makes my head spin.  I do believe that  3780 with twins number is off.  I think 6 six cylinder chevys are not much lighter then the v-8's so even at 600 lbs per motor that brings the hull down to 2500 lbs.  NO way.  My guess is that's for ONE motor.

I sure wish someone could weigh one then let us know.  I figured the 260 is about 850 lbs and a hundred or two less for a six cylinder at most. 

Don't forget these motors now often use aluminum intakes, mini starters, and sometimes stainless exhaust.  That's a few hundred lbs.

But often the older hulls absorb water over time so that could EASILY off set that.

Cant imagine they have 1,000 lbs worth more glass.  Maybe a few hundred..




I bought a new Venture 6000 lb capacity tandem trailer for my 233 with twin 250 hp outboards. Aluminum with aluminum mag wheels. With the boat loaded and 150 gallons of fuel, the trailer was in no way maxed out. It was really a good fit for the boat. I am speaking from experience. Any 6000 lb. capacity trailer will be fine. I hope this helps.

I tow with a 6,000 lb. capacity Venture trailer also... Tandem axle, galvanized steel with rollers. It handles the boat with no problem whatsoever.




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