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I'm going to put a bracket with an outboard on my 233.  What length shaft are you guys using on your outboards?  Should I use a 25" shaft or go with a 30" shaft.  I'm also debating between a Yamaha 225 or 250 4 stroke or maybe a 225 2 stroke.  Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I would stay with 25 inch shaft outboards single or dual. If you go to 30" Then the dive platform would be to high above the water and you wont get the floation lift if the bracket is mounted up high above the bottom of hull for 30" shafts. If your looking for added floatation for a single heavy 4 stroke then maybe install a twin engine bracket instead of a single. My 2 stroke 225 opti does a great job but the 250 opti is the same block and weight with more power. I would really love to have a pair of 225's but i dont want to feed them at these ridiculous fuel prices today.


My suggestion is to put the new Yamaha 300 Hp 4.2 ltr or the 350 Hp 5.3 ltr .  I run the Yamaha 350 Hp V-8 on mine with a 25" leg and it runs great.





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